15ppm Bilge Alarm Equipment
15ppm Bilge Alarm Equipment

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RDBA-15 15 ppm Bilge Alarm is an important part for bilge water separation system, mainly used to continuously monitor oily waste water in bilge as well as chemical industry, oil field and environmental protection and others, with followed function and characteristics, result display, audio-visual alarm when the oily waste water is more than 15 ppm, oily waster water discharge control, 15 ppm oil-water separator working station display, printer for history storage and track.

The device is in accordance with the requirement of MARPOL 73/78 Revised Annex I and MEPC 107(49).

Tech. Spec.

Working Power: AC 220 V                                Load capacity of alarm relay: 5 A/250 V

Measurement: 0~30 ppm.                               House protection class: IP 44

Resolution: 0.1 ppm                                       Ambient temp.: 0℃~55℃

Alarm point: 15 ppm                                       Pressure range: 0.02~0.5 MPa

Alarm type: Visual-audio alarm                          Display accuracy: ±5 ppm

Alarm delay: 0~99 s (adjustable)                       Response time: ≤5s

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