Adjustable Speed Permanent Magnet Eddy Current Transmission
Adjustable Speed Permanent Magnet Eddy Current Transmission

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Working principle:

Generally copper rotor (Steel rotor with copper ring) connect with motor shaft, permanent magnet rotor (aluminum rotor with permanent magnets) connect with load shaft. There is only a air-gap between copper rotor and permanent magnet rotor without mechanical connection for transmition the torque. When the motor rotates, the copper ring of copper rotor cut the magnetic field lines of permanent magnet, generate inductive eddy current and creates a magnetic field in copper rotor, thereby transmitting torque across the air-gap. Smaller air-gap, stronger the force of transmitted torque. Otherwise, weaker the force of transmitted torque. Vary the air-gap spacing by actuator component which is operated by hand or automatic control system.

Technical advantage:
Few day-maintenance,low operation cost, almost maintenance-free products.
Accept misalignment, the error of centration 5mm (max).
With overload protection function, so as to improve the safety, the reliability of the whole system,completely eliminate the damage to the system caused by overload.
The device is with soft starting performance in order to improves motor starting capability, soft start.motor or soft stop. Besides,reduce the motor start instantly on impact and vibration equipment.
For the special structure, the vibrating is not passed between motor and the device in order to effectively reduces the system vibration and prolong the service life of its component.
Simple structure, small size, easy to install, adapt to work in harsh conditions.

Adjust air-gap for getting required torque and speed with significant energy-saving effect.

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