E/R Monitoring and Alarm Equipment
E/R Monitoring and Alarm Equipment

As the best China E/R Monitoring and Alarm Equipment supplier,RONGDE provides quality E/R Monitoring and Alarm Equipment.

RDMS E/R Monitoring and Alarm Equipment is installed in Engine Control Room, automatically monitor the working status for main engine and aux. Engine and centrally display running status, print data report, analyze failure and alarm, output failure and alarm, interchange data through internet and extend alarm. The device consists of sensor, data collection hardware and software. Various parameter of temperature/pressure/switch are detected by sensors and are emitted to computer through data collection hardware.

“RONGDE” RDDS or “SIEMENS” PLC Data acquisition Modules
Monitor thousands of physic parameters in one time and upper-lower limit alarm
Accept various signals including temperature, pressure, speed, and switching, etc
Various real-time graph, histogram, historical data graph
Multi-channel group function, search function, humanized interface design
Communications redundancy, system redundancy, and high software reliability
Short response time, independently alarm delay for each channel
Many statuses of alarm and event
User authorization
Approved by CCS

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