Fixed Water-Based Local Application Fire-Fighting System
Fixed Water-Based Local Application Fire-Fighting System

As the largest 1,Fire-Fighting System manufacturer in china, RONGDE sales quality 1,Fire-Fighting System to customers.

RDFF Fixed Water-Based Local Application Fire-Fighting System is a modern marine fire fighting product developed in accordance with SOLAS regulation II-2/10.5.6. It has characteristics of quick startup, good fire fighting and low water consumption. And it can extinguish or control fire on time without engine shut down, personnel evacuation, shutting down of forced ventilation fans or sealing of the space. Its mainly used in the place where high fire danger, quick spreading speed, bad fire effect and hard extinguishing.Immediate inquiry


- 1.5L/min per 2m water discharge capacity, so that the potential water damage is reduced to a minimum,

- The durative of fire-extinguishing is very long since the easy water source,

- Efficaciously control the fire and its very fine droplets of water spray prevent heat extending,

- Efficaciously extinguish the liquid fire which is a kind of lower flash point,

- Supply the main alarm panel with the processing PLC or PCB,

- Type approval: CCS, LR, EC.

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