Floater Type Tank Level Gauge
Floater Type Tank Level Gauge

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Working Principle

Floater type level gauge measures tank level, temp., press. for ballast tank,fuel oil tank,draft gauge and cargo tank, meanwhile emitting alarm when exceed limited value and displaying tank's status by various units. All of the information can be comprehensively utilized by integrated ship operation control system, and on-line interface with a loading computer or intelligent indicator.

The sensor include level element, pressure element and temp. element. It communicate with control unit through digital data.

A key feature of the system is ease of handling, because the sensors in the detector are flexible, it can be lifted up by hand without the need to enter tanks, even in the case of cargo tanks of Crude Oil Tanker, Product Oil Tanker, Chemical Carrier for repair and maintenance.

Tech. Spec.

Power supply: DC24V                                                                               Ambient temperature: -25℃~+80℃

Accuracy: ±0.2%FS (magnetostriction)                                                       Connect cable: 2×2.5mm (Power)

Blind zone: 100mm Range: 0~10m,0~30m 2 ×1.0mm screened

Type approval:CCS,GL,NK


- Monitor level, temperature and pressure at one time.

- Output signal : RS485,4~20mA,resistance

- Simple and firm instruction, full-airproof design

- Anti-temperature, anti high pressure, precision magnetic delicacy, weakly sensitivity for ESD

- Defend fluctuation design, stainless steel jacket

- High reliability with compatible electromagnetic design

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