Gas Detection System
Gas Detection System

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RDQJ-1 Combustible Gas Detection System and RDQJ-2 Suction type Gas Detection System

RDQJ-1 Tech. Spec.:

- Voltage: Main AC220V/AC 110V, Back up DC24V

- Alarm state: 30%LEL(main alarm) failure alarm

- 10%LEL(pre-alarm, adjustable)

- Sample object: Combustible gas in air

- Signal output: RS485

- Measuring range: 0~100%LEL, 1~100%V/V

- Accuracy: ±5%LEL

- Power: 10W

- Alarm type: audible-visual alarm

RDQJ-2 Tech. Spec.:

- Power supply: AC220V 50Hz(Main power), DC24V(Back-up power)

- Sample object: Combustible gas in air

- Normal working pressure (suction): -30kPa

- Sample points: ≤ 60 route

- Alarm value: 25% (measuring panel inner)

- Air source pressure: 0.2MPa

- Response time: ≤15s

- Accuracy: ≤ ±5%LEL

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