Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Equipment
Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Equipment

Hot Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Equipment - RONGDE is the best Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Equipment supplie


Although modern hull coatings can provide some protection against corrosion, they seldom offer a complete solution. For this reason, most operators choose to protect their vessels with a purpose designed impressed current cathodic protection system.

Using an arrangement of hull mounted anodes and reference cells connected to a control panel, the system produces a more powerful external current to suppress the natural electronic chemical activity on the wet surface of the hull. This eliminates the formation of aggressive corrosion cells on the surface of plates and avoids the problems, which can exist where dissimilar metals are introduced through welding or brought into proximity by other components such as propellers.


- Compared with the ship statues (speed, coating and water, etc.) Automatically adjust current

- Inhibit or reduce the surface roughness of the hull, reducing fuel consumption

- Extended dry-docking cycle, improve shipping efficiency

- Applicable to ships of all sizes

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