Vapour Monitoring System
Vapour Monitoring System

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RD-VCS Vapour monitoring system is used to monitor oxygen content and inert gas pressure in pipeline. The system has two parts. As part of a stainless steel sensor box is arranged on the intersection of deck cargo, another for measuring installed in the cargo control room alarm box.

Tech. Spec.

1. Alarm box

- Power supply: AC110V or AC220V

- Installation: wall mounting type

- Protection level: IP22

2. RDAQ-1 Zener barrier

Ex-proof class: Exia IIC T6

3. RDLY-2b Pressure transmitter

- Output current: 4~20mA

- Range: -10~+30kPa

- Ex-proof class: Exia IIC T6

4.Oxygen transmitter

- Output current: 4~20 mA

- Range: 0~25%

- Ex-proof class: Exia IIC T6

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