Shanghai Rongde Declaration - Please confirm Rongde’s account before purchase Rongde products
Published by Shanghai Rongde

Shanghai Rongde Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. again found a large number of counterfeit Rongde products on the market. The highly imitated appearance, false certificates, false documents and false reports of counterfeit products have obstructed our customers' distinguishing ability. Please see a recently found false report as below. Above situations caused Rongde's vigilance.

In order to prevent the counterfeit products from further damaging the market, customers' benefits, and Rongde's reputation, as well as to ensure the production and safety of ships, hereby we issued a declaration: Please confirm Rongde's account before purchase Rongde products. The following Rongde's account is the only guarantee that its Rongde's product, otherwise might be a counterfeit product. Shanghai Rongde Engineering Equipment Co. Ltd. account information:

RMB account:
Company Name: 上海融德机电工程设备有限公司
Bank Name: 农行上海市浦东大道支行
Account No.: 033225-08016008940

Foreign Currency Account:
Bank Name: East West Bank, Hong Kong Branch
Account No.: 1001-602029-500

When your supplier requires a non Rongde official account payment, please contact Shanghai Rongde company as soon as possible to confirm whether its counterfeit product. We will offer better pre-sales services to our customers. Rongde contact:
Tel: +86-21-68532791;
Fax: +86-21-58212204;

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